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D.P. (2021) information
D.P. (2021)

Also Known As: 디피 D.P 개의 날 D.P:逃兵追緝令 D.P Gaeui Nal Deserter Pursuit Dog Day Day of the Dog D.P Dog Day Deserter Pursuit

Director: Han Joon Hee [한준희]

Original Network: Netflix;

Country: Korean

Genres: Action, Bromance, Comedy, Drama, Military, Trauma

Status: Completed

Date aired: 2021

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An Joon Ho is a soldier. He is quiet and calm, but inflexible. Sergeant Park Beom Goo notices Private An Joon Ho's tenacity and ability to observe. He transfers An Joon Ho to the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) team. Their mission is to catch deserters. An Joon Ho works with Sergeant Park Beom Goo and Corporal Han Ho Yeol on the team. Sergeant Park Beom Goo looks tired all the time. He curses and nags at An Joon Ho and Han Ho Yeol, but he also takes care of them with his keen insight. Han Ho Yeol sometimes gives An Joon Ho investigative know-how, but he sometimes annoys him.

Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Im Ji Seob only cares about his success in the military. He does not care for the D.P. team.

Adapted from the webtoon "D.P Dog Day" (D.P 개의 날) by Kim Bo Tong (김보통).

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