The Good Bad Mother (2023) information
The Good Bad Mother (2023)

Also Known As: 나쁜 엄마 나쁜엄마 壞媽媽 Nappeun Eomma Bad Mom Bad Mother

Director: Shim Na Yeon [심나연]

Original Network: Netflix; jTBC; TVING;

Country: Korean

Genres: Amnesia, Childhood, Comedy, Drama, Family, life

Status: Completed

Date aired: 2023

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Young Soon is a single mother and pig farmer who raised her son Kang Ho alone. Despite her love for him, her strict parenting caused Kang Ho to view her as a bad mother. As an adult, Kang Ho became a cold-hearted prosecutor and kept his distance from his mother. However, an unexpected accident caused him to return to his hometown and start over with Young Soon. Kang Ho's childhood friend Mi Joo, known for her warm heart and strong sense of justice, also reconnected with him after his accident, leading to a transformative experience for her.

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